VideoStage | The video playback console for shows and live performances

Purchasing a VideoStage license

With a VideoStage license you have access to all the features
with no restrictions or warning messages.

You will also benefit from tools designed for the secure broadcasting of videos with :
AVS Share and AVS Crypt.


The price of a standard license is 45$ (USD)*.
Payment is via the PayPal secure platform.
A PayPal account is not necessary in order to purchase a license.

Steps to purchase a license :
1. Click the 'Get a license' button.
You will be directed to the PayPal secure payment platform.
2. Enter at least your last name, first name, a valid email address and the type of payment.
3. Confirm your payment.
4. From PayPal** go to the download page for VideoStage full version.

For each transaction, you will be sent an e-mail with the download link and your license number.

If you would like an invoice, please go to the contact page after you have purchased your license.

*Tax included.
**By clicking on : "return to AZASOFT France" in PayPal.


Volume licensing is designed for professional users.

See the characteristics for the purchase of a multi-user license
(installed on several MAC computers) :

Additional tools for registered users

AVS Crypt
Simple and quick, this tool allows you to encrypt* your videos
so that they can only be viewed with VideoStage.
The protected videos cannot be played or edited by other systems.
In this way, a video's copyright will be fully respected.
*Encryption mode is by the XOR system.

AVS Share
This tool allows you to modify the license in order to
temporarily allow access to VideoStage on another computer.
The AVS Share interface offers you the option of selecting
a time period for the use of VideoStage,
and/or of choosing a password for the user.

Purchasing a license


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